Flower shop

I live in a flower shop at the moment. Because I've had an operation recently, friends have swamped me with flowers, which is wonderful and so very generous and thoughtful of them.
However, typing on one's lap without resting a heavy laptop on one's legs turns out to be well nigh impossible. And I can tell you that while taking painkillers is easy, the effect of certain painkillers on the body's natural system is less than good. Now I have to take laxatives, too! But enough of these woes.

Instead let me sing a hymn of praise to the UK's NHS, which has been absolutely wonderful. Let no one tell you anything different. There may be hold ups, but usually it is because someone, somewhere, is more ill than Iam and went in before me. Would you expect anything different? Surely not. I waited a month longer than expectation, but I have no complaints. Some of the people who went in before me were still there when I came out. The District Nurse has been in contact with my home, the Cardiac Rehabilitation team has already made an appointment for me in December.

Now I have to get on and make myself fit again. Already I'm up and about, doing bits here and there. I breathed the wonderful air in the back garden at lunchtime. Tomorrow, I'll maybe take a little walk. My school motto used to be Pas de pas...step by step one may go a long way. Seems appropriate, don't you think?


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Best wishes for a speedy and thorough recovery, Jen! Meanwhile, enjoy the scent and sight of all those lovely flowers.

All my best,
Caroline said…
Get well soon Jen! Cyber hugs and flowers comming to you as I type! Yes and the NHS is great. We might whinge and moan about it but it's there when we need it. My MIL has bowel cancer at the moment and she has had great treatment and care from the hospital. Take care. Caroline x
Jen Black said…
Thanks for the good wishes, best to your MIL Caroline!

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