Free payments!

It may be a little early to tell, but I think  there is no bank charge on the EFT payments. It was laborious, but I checked the payments declared by Amazon and then converted dollars, euros, rupees, etc to sterling and found the payments in my bank account matched almost exactly. There may be a penny or so difference but that could easily be the exchange rate at the time the conversion was made. That is good news.  In case you have ever wondered, there are 0.010 rupees to the pound sterling!

I'll keep a close eye on the next few payments, but it looks as if I worried for nothing.

It is Spring Bank Holiday here this weekend, and of course the weather is typically grey and damp. Even Roland Garros is rained off from time to time, and thunderstorms in France have been quite extreme. Our friends in residence at the mill in the Dordogne are probably suffering as thunderstorms are prevalent there. We have a brief respite from paint fumes, but our decorator will be back on Tuesday to do the rest of the work. It is good to be able to get back to my computer and catch up on things. PR has been abandoned for the moment and I'm out of touch with groups, Twitter and Facebook. Astonishing how much more time to write it gives me, but I find working on a laptop most frustrating.


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