Silver Season Affair

Silver Season Affair:
an Edwardian romance set in 1911

American Ellen Montgomery is terrified her husband may divorce her and seek a wife who can give him the heir he needs to inherit the estate. 

The rich, self-indulgent upper classes of 1911 were more than a little decadent in their behaviour and they had no idea that their lovely lives would be smashed to pieces by the First World War.

The steamy sensuality of the long hot summer of 1911 has dire consequences for one aristocratic family. Ellen could sit back and do nothing, or she could take matter into her own hands...

"An intriguing story that you won't forget that easily!" Cathie Dunn

"WOW, what an incredible story. I could see it all in my minds eye. The writing ... full of compassion and quality. How difficult it was to live in those by-gone days with the many rules of etiquette, where you couldn't step out of line. This book portrays those times well, the hardships and sadness hidden in life long secret. Oh my, this read will remain with me for a long time. I loved it.

"This reader found herself reaching for the tissues repeatedly as the final chapters of Silver Season Affair rolled by.
Always a sign of a good read!" Anna Belfraga



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