Far After Gold

Emer thinks nothing can be worse than being a slave in the Viking market of Dyflin until Flane buys her for a few pieces of silver and says she will make an excellent bed slave.

Sailing to his home in Alba, Emer thinks only of escaping and making her way back to her Christian family home in the Hebrides. The problem is she does not know where it is, nor how to get there.

Flane is betrothed to Katla, daughter of the Viking chief, who resents his new acquisition and sets out to discredit Emer. With only  an orphan child called Olli willing to be her friend, Emer is soon desperate enough to escape alone into the wilds of north-west Scotland. She puts herself in grave danger, and Flane has choices to make. Is his bed slave important to him, or will he  forget her and marry Katla? 

Amazon Marketplace holds an early edition of this book, published by Quaestor 2000. The publisher closed down, the rights reverted to me and I re-wrote the book. I suggest you ignore the original paperback and go for the updated e-book instead! 

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