Matfen Affair

The Matfen Affair by Jen Black

                        A captivating Regency romance and ghost story

A happy family is drawn together for a wedding in Northumberland when the bridesmaid discovers a ghost in her bedchamber. He has his own story to tell.


"This is an absolute gem of a novel, a delight, one of the best Regency Romances I have ever read. I could not put this down. I read it in a handful of hours and resented the time I had to leave it alone. As a classic Regency Romance, this is a must if you like the genre. I can't praise it highly enough.” © Nicky Galliers

 What a great story full of twists and turns. The author weaved a fantastic story as usual. I must read more of her work, it is so good. Its hard to tell more without giving away anything. It is very well written and the descriptions excellent. No waffling on to fill pages so thoroughly enjoyable.” Cristella

“I found myself immediately drawn right in to the action of this absorbing and fast paced novel which flowed well throughout. The ghostly interventions were skilfully intertwined and added another layer to the romantic storyline, set against the backdrop of beautiful Northumberland in a bygone age. I loved the descriptions and the strong sense of place evoked.
The characters were all very well outlined and the contrast between the two sisters was attractively documented. All in all, a most entertaining read which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Arlene Pearson

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