The bloody struggle to be king has begun for Finlay of Moray. Cheated by his grandfather, the girl he expected to marry wed to another, he rebels and faces an ultimatum from the old king - face execution or persusade Thorfinn of Orkney to join them. 

His half-brother Thorfinn rules a sea-based empire from Orkney and he too wants something of Finlay - marriage to his sister and a war against kith and kin that will cost him dear. 

Two women vie for his love and in the turbulent world of 1034 AD the threat of death is as close as a cold shiver down the spine. Set in present day Scotland, then known as Alba, this is an absorbing, fast moving tale of power, greed, family rivalries and one man's vision of the future for his troubled kingdom. A hero worth fighting for and an exhilarating historical thriller that will keep you turning the pages into the wee small hours.

BANNERS OF ALBA  was first published in America  in 2006 and sold very few copies. When Write Words, Inc closed down in January 2017, I received my rights back and re-wrote the entire story. 

I published the re-written ALBA IS MINE on Amazon Kindle on 1st October and consider the early 2006 version dead and gone even though Amazon persist in showing the cover. They say:

"Once a book is published and listed on, we do not remove that title. To provide the best possible customer experience, we include all titles and formats, including both in- and out-of-print, for a complete bibliography for each author." Amazon

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