Alba is Mine

The Dark Ages of Scotland come alive in this tale of power, greed, betrayal and one man's vision of the future for his troubled kingdom.

Finlay is the recognised heir to the throne of 11th century Alba when the king begins a plot to install his grandson Duncan.

Already angry, Finlay is furious when his girl is married off to his cousin, his best friend joins the opposing side and Duncan plans war. Demanding revenge, Finlay throws in his lot with Thorfinn of Orkney and there meets someone who changes everything: Thorfinn’s half-sister, Rada, a woman with beauty, brains, and a life she is unwilling to change.

As tempers rise over the long winter, war becomes inevitable. Love smoulders, grows and changes. Loyalties are tested, and lives are lost. The crown of the ancient kingdom awaits the victor. Finlay is determined he will succeed or die.

"Historical romance at its very best."

"An absolutely gripping read, Alba Is Mine is the kind of story that stays with you well beyond the last page. An absorbing mix of romance, adventure and politics makes Alba is Mine a must-read for fans of medieval Scottish romantic fiction with a strong dash of action and intrigue." Cathie Dunn

"The side players wonderfully round out the picture - Finlay's loyal friends, gentle Gille, mysterious Hareth who has his own agenda ... A wonderful read about old Scotland." Ursula

"An enthralling book with well drawn characters and gripping plot with lots of well researched (subtly included) details ." S Dickson

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