Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Manic Twitter

Twitter went manic over Hillary Clinton last night, but then Twitter often goes manic over anything that smacks of a conspiracy. Does she have a double? Does she have pneumonia or Parkinsons, perhaps both. she is wearing a leg brace, her doctor carries an oxygen tank around in a giant handbag......that kind of thing.  It is both interesting and appalling to see the level of detail that some conspiracy theorists will go to in order to make a point and it is an object lesson in the perils of living a public life. These days, it seems nothing is sacred and nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits as far as Twitter fans go.

Another point that strikes me - these so-called "celebrities" who populate Facebook and magazines like OK and Hello - Most of them I have never heard of and I don't feel that I'm losing out by this admission. They have a distressing tendency to look alike and wear the sort of clothes that scream "Look at me I'm almost naked" and these days that might be said for the men as well as the women.
If an attractive young person has to resort to this sort of tactic to get noticed, I think it is probably a sad reflection on society as a whole. But what do I know?

In case you think I have a headless dog, or worse, a dog that investigates the inside of litter bins, worry not. He is merely smelling the outside of the bin where no doubt numerous other dogs have peed in the preceding days and weeks. You'd think the accumulated whiff would be so pungent it would knock his head off, but apparently not.

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