Friday, 16 September 2016

Scenes, mechanics of

Note to self: when writing a scene, check the following:-

a)  Is there a clear goal? What does the Point of View Character want?
b)  Is the POV clear? Is it the right POV character?
c)  Is the reader orientated? Who? What? Where? When? Why?
d)  Is there conflict which hinders the achievement of the goal?
e)  Check for action - re-action and ensure clear motivation.
f)  Dialogue should be crisp, natural, to the point. Use action tags and strong verbs
g)  Is it clear who is speaking? Check pronouns.
h)  Is there an effective balance of action, dialogue and narration
i)  Does the scene flow? Is it easy to read?
j)  Does the scene move the story forward? Does it reveal something new?
k) Dos the scene end with a hook? a disaster? a question? or does it reverse a disaster?

There is also what follows to be considered.

a)  Is a sequel needed, or a simple transition?
b)  POV?
c)  If the scene starts with  the reaction of the POV character in the preceding scene? Is the reaction clear? (Reaction starts with emotion and moves on to logical thought)
d)  Is the dilemma presented concisely? Will the reader understand?
e)  Is there a clear decision made? Is it based on the reaction?
f)  Does the decision reached in the aftermath lead naturally to the next scene? (The character may/may not stick with the decision.)

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