Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Matfen Hall

Went for a walk in the Matfen area yesterday and couldn't resist taking a pic of Matfen Hall - in sunshine, but against what looked like a stormy sky.
The name features in the title of my wip - the Matfen Affair, and though parts of the house feature in the story, it isn't set in Matfen Hall. To be honest, I haven't ever been in 95 % of the house, so apart from the conservatory cafe, the Library Restaurant and the Greenkeeper's Lodge, ( each a place where I've had a meal) all the rest is my imagination and may well be taken from other halls and grand buildings in the area. A sort of composite hall, if you like.

I chose the name because I like it and it is unusual. To me it means the locality in which it  sits and nowhere else in the world. There is a village, half a mile along the road, called Matfen. which isn't as old as I thought - must do more research on that, not for the story but for my own satisfaction.

As it happens my story is set in 1803 and the hall wasn't built until 1828, so I can't be writing about the real Matfen Hall at all!

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