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Now I'm at the stage of looking at Createspace. First impressions? More complicated than I expected. But then as you get to know it, like everything else, it doesn't seem so bad. First of all I tried to slot an A4 file into a 6 x 9 format book, so of course, it didn't work. Once I altered my original file, it went straight in - with no errors. Now I know that's not true. For a start it wasn't justified, and when I justified it all the indents and *** scene breaks altered. So I'll be going through carefully to see what else I can spot.

I think I may be stuck with the title I've put in -  Abduction of the Scots Queen. I debated calling it Abduction, but there are so many books using it that it didn't seem attractive. Perhaps The Scots Queen would be simplest. If I can't alter what I've input, I may stick with the longer version. I can always make the fore part smaller on the cover to give it more ooooomph.

I'm working on the cover when I get tired of proofreading. Makes a nice change. I'm quietly pleased with what I have at the moment, but there are no guarantees it won't change in the next few days!


Unknown said…
Thanks cover looks great Jen
Jen Black said…
Glad you like it, Heather. I think I'll stick with it.
Jen Black said…
Margaret Scott Chrisawn Jen, how about The Little Scots Queen, which sets it apart from the more generic "Scots Queen?" Or if you need the abduction idea but don't want that word, how about Stealing Royalty--The Little Scots Queen? Just an odd thought or two from an odd person...
Jen Black said…

Margaret Scott Chrisawn commented on a link you shared.
Margaret wrote: "Worse than blurbs and synopses and query letters. A title has to grab a reader at once, viscerally, with no time for mulling anything over."
Jen Black said…
Titles are so hard!

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