Looking back

 I am reluctant to listen to tv news because it is so depressing. Likewise Facebook. The cruelty and ignorance in the world is terrifying. It is almost as if one begins to feel guilty for being happy. 

Amazon has changed its reporting of KDP stats yet again, so now it is difficult to find out what is selling on a daily basis. Yes, a running monthly total is fine, but that is not the way I checked how I'm doing for the last couple of years. Perhaps they change so that we cannot make long term checks and comparisons!

I have a new camera ( a present from my darling hubby) but learning how it works is a challenge. Together we are slowly getting to grips with it. I have not dared take it outside yet.

I am trying to consolidate all the pics I have and this one is from a holiday in Aosta way back in 2006. We were on a skiing holiday up in Pila. The thing I remember most is the glutinously thick dark chocolate drink we bought in Aosta! I wonder if they still make it the same way? It was so good it's almost worth going back to see if they do!


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