The best Compliment ever!

"This is, without doubt, the best Regency romance I have ever read, short of ‘Persuasion’. A wonderful story with that delightful Austen feel yet completely Ms Black."

This is the best compliment I have received on one of my books, certainly for The Matfen Affair, which is the one Little Angelic Rose is talking about. Can't tell you how much it pleased me! I went to bed last night and thought about what I'd written, how the storyline developed, and drifted off into dream land no doubt with a satisfied smile on my face.

It also encourages me to get on and finish Viking Wedding! There isn't far to go now, definitely into the last quarter of the book, and if I make a relly good effort, I can finish it very soon. I've been checking and re-checking as I go along, so there won't be too much editing to do.


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