Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cookery, glasses and retail therapy

Contemplating some cookery beyond the normal run of feeding self and husband. Friends are arriving home tomorrow from South Korea and I'm planning on giving them dinner on Saturday. To be more precise I'm contemplating what to give them, as they will surely be here on Saturday night! After the highly spiced dishes of SK, I thought they might welcome some fairly plain English food, so I'm working on roast beef,  and lemon meringue pie. I don't know anyone who dislikes either!

The washer stopped working yesterday, which was inconvenient of it as we had a load in at the time. I suppose it always happens like that. We have ordered another which will arrive next Tuesday by which time the washing will have piled up.  This is proving to be an expensive time -  not only the washer to pay for, but Tim's vet's fees are not inconsiderable, and our holiday looms. I visited the optician yesterday since I'm struggling to read small print these days and that can become embarrassing with menus and price tags and such like. So that will be another £500 when I pick up my new specs. 

Yesterday's visit to the optician is one of the few times I have been out without a dog in tow, so I made the most of it by visiting M&S and a shoe shop and bought something in both! Thought it wise to stop there. I was obviously lacking retail therapy and to go on visiting shops would have been dangerous to my bank balance! 

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