Sunday, 19 June 2016

Yes, Blogger, it is me!

For Heaven's sake, Blogger! You made me add a new password because you suspected I was not me! I just hope I don't forget this password when I get back home.

Weather slowly improving. Walked Tim to the crossroad early this morning. There’s very little traffic, but I kept him on the long lead just in case I needed to pull him back. Didn’t see or hear a single vehicle. He’s very protective and rushes out at the slightest odd sound, be it the cattle, the farmer’s tractor or a weird bird call he’s not used to hearing. The stream is too deep now for him and very fast running. More of the lower field is saturated, with big puddles joining together.

We’ve collected a big pile of broken branches together so that when Bill takes the tractor out, he doesn’t hear the heart-shocking crunch of wood on metal. And doesn’t the patio look smart now? Discounting the branches and the cuttings, of course.

I've remembered to reduce the pixels for the pic so it uploads faster. I hope it is still clear. 

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