Friday, 24 June 2016

Goodbye EU

We chickened out on the voting results at midnight and therefore were disappointed this morning when we found the country had voted to leave the EU. Looking at the graphics on tv this morning, it seems that if London, Scotland and Northern Ireland were taken out of the picture, then the Out vote would have been overwhelming. London of course has more foreign than British nationals, so in my view can hardly be counted as representative of the rest of the country. Scotland may have its own agenda and has always clung to the EU. What is surprising is that only 72% of the population turned out to vote.

I don’t blame David Cameron for resigning as Party Leader. Who really would expect him to get the country out of the mess when he worked for the opposite decision? I just hope we don’t find ourselves with Boris as next PM. I can't think of anyone who would make me happy. So the pound has dropped the furthest in 30 years - I wonder how that makes the Brexiters feel?

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