Wednesday, 25 May 2016

House decoration

Day 3 just starting. As our wonderful decorator was pulling onto the drive, I was tripping downstairs still buttoning my shirt having failed to give myself enough time to clean my teeth. I have had breakfast and Tim has been out for his walk in the woods, I've showered and washed my hair, but still - it would have been better to have done my teeth.

We've done bits and pieces of the house since we moved in twenty years ago, but this time we decided the whole of the interior woodwork needed doing, and that meant stairs with all  those spindles and door frames, loft hatch frames, and all those other quirky corners, so we decided to get a professional in. Because John is doing the stairs, landing and hall first, we are keeping Tim with us in the living room to prevent him running out and spraying dog hairs all over the place or getting into any other bother. I remember a friend in the past whose Yorkshire terrier stepped in the tray of white paint and then jumped on the sofa and left little white paw prints all over it. (Anyone who has kept a Dalmatian will know what I mean about dog hair. Those small white hairs get everywhere! and I don't want them stuck into the paint for the next 20 years.) Anyway, all this means we are sort of imprisoned in our living room. I was desperate to get to the loo by three o'
clock yesterday, but couldn't access any of the three loos in the house without getting in the way of wet paint!

Still, it was high time the job was done. Now that John has painted the doors on the landing, I can clearly see from the "cream" paint  where he has yet to do. It will look splendid when it is all finished.

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