Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Release Day The Gybford Affair

Yesterday was release day for THE GYBFORD AFFAIR - my latest historical romance set in Regency times. It was released in 2012 with MuseItUp Publishing as Reluctance, As far as I am aware it sold about 25 copies and I received several comments that though the cover was striking, it had little or nothing to do with the Regency period!

It was priced fairly high, too, so recently I asked for my rights back, re-edited the entire book, removing over 10,000 words and generally improving the story and the writing. Yesterday I sent it out into Kindle world at half the original price, and will see what happens next..
Frances is an heiress and perfectly happy with her quiet life in Gybchester until the day a stranger rides hell for leather across her land and later proves to be someone she knew twenty years ago . A day or two later a second handsome stranger marches into the locality and defamatory letters challenge her reputation in the national press. Frances doesn't know who to times amusing and sometimes full of emotion and drama, this will entertain all those who enjoy regency romances.

I finished editing THE QUEEN'S COURIER a little while ago and sent out submissions to various agents. So far three have returned answers that they don't think they can sell it. This leaves me wondering if the time period has become passe? What are publishers buying these days? If this depressing news continues I shall self-publish via Kindle and then consider Createspace for a paperback version. So now I am working on a possible cover in case I need it.

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