Editing blues and Silverwood

Still editing hard. It's a drag as it takes so long, but  - just to be contrary - I quite enjoy it.
It is satisfying to improve something, because once it is published and someone - me, anyone - discovers a mistake or a typo, then it is mortifying, and not easy to rectify. Much easier to catch all the errors at the editing stage. 

I especially want it finished before the end of the week as we are zooming off for a few days away catching the sea breezes, and I don't plan to lug a laptop with me. So, I'll have to keep plugging away until I get it done.

Just when I was planning to upload  my book to Kindle in the very near future, the download version of Build Your Book for Kindle refuses to download. I've had it on my pc since 2012 and used it several times, but now, for some strange reason, it has gone  baulky and sticks at 95%. Infuriating. I'll just keep trying it and see if it untangles itself soon. 

Out of curiosity I opened the post that came unsolicited from Silverwood Book Publishing. They offer to publish my book for me, for a small cost. There are three options, Bronze, Silver and Gold. I clicked on Bronze and was surprised to find that the package would cost me £999. Good grief. I opened the Silver option and my eyes opened wide - the cost is £1,999. Good grief again! How many aspiring authors can afford those sort of prices? There must be some, otherwise Silverwood Books wouldn't be in business, but really - how many copies would you have to sell to  pay for the package? Would you ever get into profit? I doubt it. 
PS I didn't bother opening the gold option. 


Rosemary Morris said…
Helen Hollick is published by Silverwood and so far as I know her sales are good.

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