Thursday, 18 June 2015

Relaxing on holiday

The good weather crept back in over the last few days and yesterday was a scorcher. Today looks like being the same, so I've been out with Tim and done a bit of cutting by the stream so he can get into the river without all those horrid ticks (tiques en Francais) latching on to him. I've also hoovered the whole top floor of the mill, shaken the bedroom rugs and am sitting here feeling very pleased with myself. The curtains are shutting out the sunshine but the windows are open and the warm air is flowing freely. Oh yes, and the washer is doing sterling service with the sheets which will be hung out and dry by 2pm.
Small things amuse small minds, I hear you cry. Well, yes, but then this is a very relaxing holiday. No stress beyond keeping Tim indoors while the farmers come and cut their asparagus because if we don't he'll run out and bark at them - and he's found that the gate stops him going in one direction, but if he runs around the back of the mill there's open access to the lane and the asparagus field. Sometimes they bring their dogs with them; the first day there was a stand off with a young black and white collie who looked ready for a fight.  Maybe they would have played, but the girl seemed alarmed by the confrontation. I don't know if it was
because her dog would fight, she thought mine would, or (more likely) because she didn't want them gallivanting all over the carefully tended asparagus plants. It is back breaking work, harvesting the asparagus. Spread the legs, bend at the hips and prod down into the furrows with what looks like a chisel but is some kind of a hook that slices the white shoots about nine inches below ground. They come almost every other day and go away with baskets and buckets full. No wonder asparagus is expensive. Treat yourself, buy some, cook it with garlic butter and think of French farmers as you eat it!

I've included two views from our walk yesterday. The top one is the Gite Rural where I presume you could stay for a holiday and the second is the field full of poppies we passed on our way home. We explored the first mile or so of a VTT otherwise known (I think) as a chemin or path but I decided I was improperly dressed to proceed. I needed stronger shoes as the grass was ankle high and wet beneath the trees and also I had bare arms and the flies were just waiting for an unsuspecting victim. Fly spray, and strong shoes required before I go back!

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