Monday, 3 February 2014

The Bridge

I've had a bit of a Scandi fest this last week. The video has been recording all the episodes of The Bridge, but I never got around to watching them until this week, principally because  dh doesn't like it. So I've been staying up late and watching on my own. Reached the final episode last night, and the story isn't finished. There has to be a third series, or else how will we know who killed Gretchen? Or if Martin will go to jail for killing Jens? There's also the clues about what happened in Saga's early life, but no real answers.

I suppose the muted colours are deliberate. The fact that Saga's wardrobe is all the same sickly green as her car, except for an occasional foray into shiny brown leather, struck me around midweek.The effect is to make Copenhagen and Malmo look uninviting, but Saga look ethereal, which adds to the pathos of her character. If pathos is the right word. In many ways, she's like a machine, thinking all the time, with emotion completely locked out except for the few glimpses we are allowed. Martin almost got through. He was her only friend. Though Hans, the big boss, seems to have a vague understanding of her.

She claims she didn't get much out of having a boyfriend live with her after eight weeks of great effort on her part. How many women, I wonder, would echo that? and it was an effort for her. Every time she came home - her home - something had moved, and for her that was upsetting. Nor could she ever be alone. I laughed when she booked into a hotel for a couple of nights just so she could have some quality time alone. How many people in a new relationship must have wanted to do that? Being Saga, she just went and did it.

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