I think it is Saturday today, but could be wrong. Days are flying by, one merging into another, and it seems a longs time since I did any writing. I'm starting to feel guilty about that, and I can't say that I'm even thinking about the story while I do other things as there is so much going on around me that I've no spare space for thoughts about Mel and Mrs D. I've stolen a few minutes this morning and I'm sitting in the sunshine on the patio outside our room - the cord will stretch just far enough to allow me to do that - and a ten minutes past ten in the morning the sun is blasting down. Soon I'll be creeping into the shade, feeling fried to a frizzle.

But at least I'll have made an entry on my blog! The pic is of one of the local villages with its sleepy main street, restaurant on the right and church at the end of the road. In the time I've taken to write this much, my left leg is starting to feel too warm in the sun. I'll have to move....


I love the photo.

It's such a busy time of year for visitors, holiday and I'm trying to catch up with all the editing I should have been doing for the past few weeks.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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