Book writing work

It's head-down time, no more excuses.
The snow has gone, and though its perishing cold
outside, we're comfortable inside. Sam has gone home, so no distractions there. (Though it is astonishing how many times I catch myself listening for the sound of his paws thumping about the house...)
So, its down to work. Though I may allow housework to distract me for a short while. The carpets are hoovered, the windows (well, one of them) cleaned because a pigeon flew into it trying to dodge a sparrowhawk and in doing so left a football sized mark on the glass.
But really, I must work. Though I should do a little PR for my latest title. Met friends for coffee yesterday and heard how pro-active one of them had been over her latest title. I felt ashamed that I'd done virtually nothing. So I'm thinking of visits to local bookshops and doing a little gentle promoting around the e-groups...and then there's the weekly grocery shop to do this avo or else we starve for the rest of the week.
See how easy it is to avoid doing any actual, bookwriting WORK? I'm a pro at it when I think about it.


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