Richard Armitage as The Hero

Since it is Valentine's Day here's some more pics of Richard ~ this time as Lucas North, newly returned from eight years incarceration in a Russian prison to join the Spooks team.

Every romantic author in the land seems to fancy Richard Armitage as a template for their current hero ~ and a video on You tube is no doubt helping! Click and prepare to drool. The Romantic Novelists' Association has almost adopted him as a mascot.

More helpful in a different way is a video I found this week on writing. Elizabeth Gilbert talks fluently and amusingly about that elusive thing called genius, muse, whatever. I don't think I have read any of her work, but I shall certainly look out for her titles now.

The snow has gone. Again. Now we're back to Spring. Hey ho! Can I put the wellies away at the back of the cupboard now, please?


Anonymous said…
Glad you liked my video :) I must admit that a lot of my friends and I, when reading romance novels imagine Richard Armitage as the hero, lol. Even if the writer didn't have him in mind! :D
Jen Black said…
Checked your link, spikesbint, but still not sure who you are!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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