Time, funerals and childhood

Funerals always bring home how brief a span we have in this world. My last remaining aunt died this week and we attended the funeral yesterday. Given another five weeks she would have made it to 99 years of age. Strange to think that the year she was born, we now think of as history. But she took life by the throat and embraced it. She held lots of parties and as one of her fourteen grandchildren said Oh boy did she love to party. Her youngest son and I were too young to join in, but I can remember he and I peeking over the bannister rail at some of them. They looked like fun. By the time I grew up, the time for parties had passed. They were all feeling their age, and the get togethers were less often and definitely less riotous. I felt cheated, somehow.
It is raining again. The forecast is for rain all weekend. It should be crisp and sunny and we could go hunting for blackberries and store them up in the freezer for blackberry pies on cold winter days...we still go brambling, as we did with our parents, but few do it now. We used to go nutting, too, but these days it is hard to find hazel trees that bear a ripened nut. Ah, nostalgia is setting in...
Better get to work.


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