I'm working hard with no time for blogs! I've got myself into a situation where I have 3 separate stories on the go, and I'm doging between them. Victorian, Regency and Tudor. Enough variety there for anyone, I think, but I'm not really progressing as fast as I should. Variety there may be, but 3 stories dilutes the concentration. For me, anyway.

Why am I doing this? Because two have been rejected and I see good stuff in them that I don't want to let go. So I'm tweaking.

Can tweaking ever be good? We'll see.

Tennis news this week - Nadal beaten by Murray, Murray beaten by Federer. Federer wins first major tournament this year, so that has to be good. Murray advances, may soon be number 4 in the world. Pity I can't warm to him. Nadal has to be tired after all he's done this year - reached Number 1 and got a gold in Beijing. It's almost tempting me to buy Sky Sports so I can watch the matches, but at £17 per month....£204 per year...way too much. I'll listen on Five Live.


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