Monday, 10 February 2014


It really seems like Spring is here. Clumps of snowdrops are blooming on the riverside walk I do most days, and gorse has been in bloom for a week or two. Usually it flowers in May! Bulbs are three inches high in the garden even though the lawn squelches when Tim runs across it.

All we need is for it to stop raining and the wind will dry everything up nicely. Down south it may be different, but here the river is flowing fast enough to take all that water way out to sea. The Tyne was back up to flood levels again today, and bringing more and more rubbish with it as it comes. I took a picture yesterday of one of the the new bank levels where previous floods have deposited all the debris. It doesn't look good, but I suppose one day it will either be swept away again, or soil will be deposited around it and a new bank will come into being.
I think this picture shows that we have green grass through the winter, even under snow. Not that we've had any so far. I know some of my American friends doubt me when I say we have green grass through the winter, but we do. The paths are wide and muddy and the grass is getting pretty worn, but it is there, and it's started growing again.

It would be really cruel now if winter came and creates a big freeze. It's happened before, but I hope it doesn't happen this year.

I'm getting close to the end of my Viking story, and once I've read it through I'll put it up on Amazon. I shall have to start thinking of a cover.

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