Monday, 18 July 2011

Dodging the rain

We drove to Perigueux today. We parked on the Quay de l'Isle beside the river, right below the Cathedral St Front. We'd barely got twenty yards along the Cours Fenelon before it began to rain, so we ducked under the shelter of a garage forecourt until the dark clouds passed over.

From there we went up the Rue des Farges in the old town and up to the cathedral. The building is full of domes and minarets, and inside it was very dim. Lots of people wandering around taking photographs, which to me always seems not the right thing to do. Outside, the streets were still wet and grey looking.
From there we walked through the old streets and the indoor market which was closing down (and it was only just after twelve o'clock) and onto the more modern Bd Michel Montaigne where we bough a Poulet Complet baguette and ate it sitting on the open square where the new underground car park has gone in in the last couple of years.

Rain clouds threatened once more - its been doing this for the past two or three days - so we moved on. As luck would have it, we struck a narrow alley down to the river, walked tghrough a car park and looked straight up at the cathedral with a blue sky behind it . Wonderful. Ten minutes later it was raining again.
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