Time to get out the red pen

I once read an article on editing by Robert Doran and thought it useful, so I kept it. Right now, it should be  a very good reminder for me as I near the last chapters of my wip, so here are his tips:

· Plot: First of all and most important - Does the plot make sense? Is it believable and satisfying?

· Themes: Are there so many that the book lacks focus? Do they interfere with the plot ?

· Characterisation: Are your characters well developed and entertaining?

· Point of view/voice: Am I using too many POVs? Count them! (You may be surprised!)

· Pace: Is the pace pleasing? Does it need jazzing up or slowing down?

· Dialogue: Do your characters sound real when they speak? Do they a- horrors of horrors - all sound the same?

· Flow: Does back story dwarfe the main plot? Is there enough back story for reader understanding? Have I missed any great plot points?  


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