Saturday, 6 January 2018

Mad world

Has the world gone mad? I noticed an article  in the newspapers that made me think so. The headline claims Prince Charming is a sex-offender. Yes, that's right. Even fairy tales are now under the microscope and declared wanting.

 Check out the full article Here

Kazue Muta, a professor at Osaka University has reportedly claimed that certain fairytale princes are less about romance and instead perform "quasi-compulsive obscene sexual acts on an unconscious partner". 

I might have thought the professor was joking, presenting an argument that would bring her a little publicity but when I saw the title of one of her other books, I abandoned that idea ~ Boss, That Love is Sexual Harassment! 

The article is sketchy to say the least.  I glanced at the first few comments and could not help a smile. "Next time Prince Charming sees a damsel in distress he should let her rot," says one, and you can see why. Why are (some) women so keen on men bashing these days? 

It seems that (some) women are keen to break down the male/female roles that have existed for centuries, forgetting that other women are more than happy with the way things are. 

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