Thursday, 18 August 2016

Olympics and Windows 10

The Olympics are nearly over. Many will be sighing in relief that life  will get back to normal, and I did get a little tired of seeing beach volleyball with very nearly naked women throwing themselves about in the early days, but then sports that I like came along and things got better. I was sad that Rafa left without a singles medal, but when he was playing two matches per day for three or four days, I conclude that he didn't really expect to win but just wanted to take part. The Trott-Kenny partnership is amazing and Laura is so slight  one wonders where she gets the power from. Small, neat people often do well in gymnastics, but I must say I like it when people of average size take on the pint size little girls, and do well. I think that's because it must be harder for them, especially on the high bars - imagine forgetting to move your feet and clouting the lower bar as you twirl around the high bar. The dressage was so amazing I cried. If I could get my dog half so well trained I'd be delighted.

The picture is one I took near Crinan on 21st August last year. I haven't taken many pics since I came back from France. Windows 10 meant I had to find a new way of uploading  from camera to computer, and now my latest pics are locked away in another file. Uploading W10 caused no end of problems and has taken a great deal of time and frustration to sort out. Thank goodness dh has the patience and knowhow - and the kind of mind required - to sort it for me. It's like driving - I don't want to know how the car works; I just want to drive it.

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