Monday, 2 May 2016

Indie Award time

 Checked my e-mails for the last time today and was richly rewarded by two reviews from the Historical Novel Society Review section. I sent off both titles earlier in the year - The Craigsmuir Affair and The Magician's Bride. One of them has done rather well and earned itself an Editor's Choice award which means it joins the long list for the 2017 Indie Award.

I can't begin to say how pleased I am. It's been a long struggle to get some recognition for Daisy and Adam and I have put a lot of work into it since I first sent the story off to an agent in 2009. The first response by phone was that it wasn't "quite there" and alterations only collected the words "didn't make my heart sing" on the bottom of the returned submission. I left it alone for a good couple of years, but always with the intention of going back to it. I'll be pasting the actual review on Facebook and Twitter over the next few days.

The Magician's Bride was favourably reviewed but did not make the Editor's Choice. Still, the review for that will be posted too - it is nothing to hide away! The reviewer was not keen on the cover and I have to say I never actually fell in love with it myself , but because I paid money for it and it is at a level of graphic artistry that I may not be able to match, I sent it out there to fend for itself. I'll have to see if I can't make something more suitable.

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Jen Black said...

It is a shame that comments stay on Facebook these days instead of coming to the blog - so this time I made an effort, copied them and posted them here!

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Laura Dawn Purcell
Laura Dawn Purcell Well done!
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Jen Black replied · 1 Reply
Paul Black
Paul Black Congratulations Jen! That's great news.
Like · Reply · 1 May at 21:56
David Black
David Black Well done !!
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Jen Black replied · 1 Reply
Margaret Blake
Margaret Blake Many congratulations.
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L.m. Elm
L.m. Elm Congrats!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 01:04
Maggi Andersen
Maggi Andersen Congrats!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 01:06
Maggie Scott
Maggie Scott Well done, you! Although I can't bear romances, I still love Dark Whisky Road and Reluctance. Witty, sharp, and clever.
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 01:09

Jen Black replied · 1 Reply
Elisabeth Storrs
Elisabeth Storrs Congrats!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 02:36
Maggie Nash
Maggie Nash Congratulations!
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 04:24
Margaret Skea
Margaret Skea Well done, Jen Black
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June Gadsby
June Gadsby Bravo!
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Anita Davison
Anita Davison Excellent Jen - very well done
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Helen Steadman
Helen Steadman Congratulations!!! That is great news.
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Jen Black
Jen Black Thanks so much everyone - as you can guess, I'm very excited about my first award!
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Helen Steadman
Helen Steadman I though I heard a cheer from across the valley last night!
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Jen Black
Jen Black That would be me!
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Sandra Parker
Sandra Parker Congratulations. You clever thing!
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Anne Harvey
Anne Harvey Well done, Jen. Lovely book!
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Diane Dahlstrom Parkinson
Diane Dahlstrom Parkinson Congratulations!
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Lindsey Paley
Lindsey Paley Many congratulations, Jen. Well done!
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Jen Black
Jen Black Thanks for sharing the excitement with me! I'll try and calm down now.
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Ann Marie
Ann Marie Conga rats 🐀
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