Stuck in the mud

Sunday was a Dally Rally at Waterford Country Park in Gateshead. Check out the site here: Watergate

There are miles and miles of green track and open spaces plus the Tanfield Railway track heading off to the  Causey-Arch- a wonderful place to walk thirty or  so Dalmatians. In the north east there are so many places now where land that was once a colliery has been landscaped into a country park. Watergate is one of them, the Rising Sun (4,000 acres) is another - and featured on Countryfile last night with Matt Baker.

The weather was bright and cold with a little sun here and there and all went well. Tim took a little while to get used to so many other dogs, but soon got into the spirit of it though it seemed like every thirty seconds he stopped racing around and looked for me - if he didn't find me - oh panic - where is she? Most of them found every dirty puddle and hollow to splodge in, and there were lots. Some stayed very clean - fastidious Dalmatians.

Some went paddling in the lake, no doubt enticed by the ducks swimming about far out of reach, but then, some dogs just love water. (Tim doesn't. I blame a wave that nearly swamped him when he was having a crap on the beach...)

Several dogs blithely jumped in and then found the shallow water dropped off into deeper water and they were swimming. One appeared to be in difficulties. Paddling like mad with his front feet and getting nowhere. Muzzle only an inch out of the very cold water. Found out later it was Caspar, and his back legs had sunk into the muddy bottom. A brave man with quick reactions spotted him. Jamie rushed over and went to his aid - up to his hips in freezing cold water, and it wasn't his dog.  With a heave, Caspar was free and scrabbling to get to the bank. Jamie took off each Wellington boot and emptied out the water to much applause. It could have been so much worse. Someone video'd it, but it isn't my video, so it wouldn't run if I loaded it. I don't even know if the link will work - but the photographer agreed I could try!


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