France beckons and as usual I'm stuck between the laptop and the desk PC. I must make sure everything I'll need is on the laptop otherwise I'm sunk. I had fond hopes of having The Craigsmuir Affair published before I went, but that is not going to happen. Only chapter one has been finally proofread, and even then I made changes!

We've been very social this week, with a trip to Dent on Wednesday and a dinner dance last night at the Hilton Hotel on the river at Newcastle. Evening went off fine except that conversation was impossible once the band started up and we left with our ears ringing. Why do they have to be so loud? I gather it is expected  nowadays, but fear that there will be a generation of people who go deaf before they are forty years old.

Unless I have a change of heart (and I doubt it very much) this will be the cover for THE CRAIGSMUIR AFFAIR.


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