A two day break

Drove off for a two-day break on Wednesday morning. If you want to track my journey, then head west along the A69 from Hexham and then turn north onto the A689, then the M6 which becomes the A/M74 north of the border. Swing south west of Glasgow and cross the Erskine Bridge over the Clyde (roadworks! but no delays) and then join the A82 heading north along the side of Loch Lomond. Turn left at Tarbet, onto the A83. Follow that road as it twists and turns through Arrochar and Inveraray until you get to Lochgilphead. Once there, turn onto the A816 and then onto the B841 at Cairnbaan and follow the Crinan Canal till you reach Crinan. Our hotel overlooks Loch Crinan, and I mean overlooks it.
This journey took us five hours, give or take a minute here or there. The longest stop we had was to give Tim and ourselves a chance to have a pee on the M74 - we went into the service station, natch - and to change driver as we reached the A82. Lovely drive with sunshine and autumn colours just taking over the trees and hedgerows. The two old beauties in the picture were snuggled up together in the canal basin at Crinan.


Unknown said…
Funny that you mention it took you 5 hours to get from northern England to your destination in Scotland. I once read a completely idiotic historical romance (forget the title), where the hero rides OVERNIGHT from Edinburgh to London,does some business there and then rides back - on a horse, mind you!
Jen Black said…
Yes - I've seen similar. We might be a little country compared to some, but the roads are congested and follow medieval pathways where it was easiest and safest for both horse, rider and walker.I'm always amazed in the US and Oz where roads are straight for mile after mile after boring mile!

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