Fame at last!

Lovely experience on Thursday! I went to Hexham for my exercise class but early enough to visit Waterstone's and Cogito before 10am.
Promoting my own work does not come easily, and in Waterstones I was all fingers and thumbs as I tried to get Till the Day Go Down out of its plastic see-through folder and not spill press cuttings all over the desk.
The lady seemed interested and promised to give the manager all details when she arrived, though she could promise nothing. That's fair enough - I understand that the big chains have their own supply routes, and I think Quaestor2000 are accepted on the Gardiners listings.
Then I went to Cogito and the lovely owner rocked me back on my heels by saying he had a copy on his shelves. He'd ordered two, and sold one already. He was happy to talk, and thought the Tudor period a good time in which to set a story. There was a lot of death, he said thoughtfully. Did I know that there had been an execution in Hexham market place - although he didn't think it was in Tudor times. The Duke of Somerset, about 20 years before Henry Tudor took over. There's a plaque in the market place and I must look out for it.
I certainly must. There's a lot in Hexham I ought to look out for, so in the summer I shall be out scouting about with my camera. I browsed his shelves, bought the latest Elizabeth Chadwick re-issue The Running Vixen (I thought it was new-new, but never mind) and practically floated down to the Wentworth Centre for my exercise class.
Meanwhile, before I get to Hexham, the pics today are of Corbridge. This is the west side of the church and the plaque - you can just see it in the wider view, settled between the two windows - explains all.


Caroline said…
Good news on the books! Caroline x
Carla said…
Congratulations! Hope Waterstones takes it up as enthusiastically as Cogito.

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