Romantic problems

Still the arguments rage over romance and its literary worthiness. For anyone who wants to follow it up, here's the link. Academic conferences are discussing it now!

I think it is damned difficult to write an interesting and well motivated romance. I keep changing my hero's motivation, or rather the childhood influences that have made him what he is and subconsciously guide his choices as an adult. Some things work, some things don't. When I first started this book on holiday in France about four years ago, I thought of it as a fun exercise, but now I think it is going to prove one of those "difficult" books. I wanted ghosts racketing around the old mill, but I didn't want frightening ghosts since it was primarily to be a romance. But if ghosts aren't frightening, what are they?

You see my problem? I have now - at last - constructed a scenario of conflict and I shall stick to it. No more deviations or this story goes out of the window. I'm starting to get just a tiny bit bored with it, so either it "works" in the next few sessions or that's it - over and onto the next, fresh story. I wonder what it will be?


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