Mor thoughts on Black Moments

I'm still thinking about Black Moments. (And I'm still thinking about Ullapool, too. That's Canisp sending out a cloud plume)

Kate Walker says we need to make the reader worry, doubt that there will be a HEA, and the problem cannot be resolved too easily. The worst moment should be something painful for both characters. It needs to loom on the horizon, inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow. She says, tongue in cheek, that it needs to come in the right place and for her, as close to the end as possible.

I think I’m pretty close; I have only 3,750 words to go to reach my total. Is it enough? I think I’m OK with this one. I’ve been building towards the BM for quite a while and I just have to write the "coming to a head," then allow time for a nice moment afterwards.

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Sometimes I'd rather be walking in the hills!


Toni Anderson said…
Great post Jen.

My parents-in-law said the weather so so wet over there they'd swap it for our mega freeze and snow.
Jen Black said…
Yes, there's something crisp and appealing about snow and ice in places like Banff - and it never seems so cold as it does on a wet, dreary winter day in the UK. That wouldn't be Lake Moraine behind you, would it? :>)
Toni Anderson said…
Jen, yes, it is. My fav place in Alberta (so far). I lived in St Andrews and Stirling for 12 years so I totally appreciate the damp biting cold. I also lived on the Isle of Man for a year, the windiest place in the world!!!! I would call Scotland home, that's where my kids were born. :)

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