An award!

Two bits of news before I go back to thinking about Cyprus.

First of all I'm up for an award for Dark Pool on one of the review sites. Here's the url so you can have a peek and vote for me!

Secondly, I hope to join in a fun-filled online discussion on Saturday 1st December. Treat yourself to tantalising excerpts from Anne Sole and M C Halliday, Savannah Chase, Sloane Taylor and Jen Black, Jess Dee and Tess MacKall. Prizes galore, and it runs all day.

See you there!


Amanda said…
Hey Jen,

Voted for you! The competition looks stiff, but you've got enough talent to pull it off. My fingers are crossed.
Jen Black said…
I wish I had your confidence! But thanks for voting, Mandy

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