Friday, 26 July 2013

Hot days & Technology

The warm weather continues and it is pretty wearing. I sympathise with people who have to work through the hot days and remember how awful it was to be trapped indoors in offices and libraries - and yet now I close the curtains against the sun, open windows on the shady side of the house and only go out on to the patio after five o'clock when the heat is deliciously warm without being overpowering. Now I know exactly why France closes down in the middle of the day and comes alive at night. We've had temperatures over 30 degrees Centigrade here in the north, and I think the big cities like London are reaching 34. Only Scotland comes up shady on every weather forecast.

Today is the day I joined the ranks of those who have a smart Apple iphone in a smart red leather jacket. It isn't that I use a mobile phone very much at all, but Tim got hold of the bum bag I use when I take him for walks, and in it was the old Nokia phone. I carry it in case we get too tired and need dh to come and pick us up - thought that is less and less likely as Tim leaves puppyhood behind. But still, it's handy to have in case anything goes wrong. The old Nokia still worked in spite of the teethmarks and the missing bits, but it didn't look too good. Now I will have to learn how to use this lovely new gadget. I never really became at all conversant with the Nokia, but dh assures me this are far easier to use. We'll see. Maybe I'll join the ranks of those people who walk down the street oblivious of all but what's on their iphones...

I've just begun reading Leopard Unleashed by Elizabeth Chadwick and enjoying it, partly because there are fictional characters taking the main parts, and partly because she infiltrates her research so well. My reading has been fairly eclectic lately, veering between The Art of Fiction by David Lodge, Rafa, My Story by John Carlin, and To Distraction by Stephanie Laurens. Tim got hold of the last named and chewed several pages, so I had to pay up at the library and now I own the book. The blurb says it is "sinfully sexy," by golly that was a true statement. . I've read Laurens before, and I'm surprised this title isn't listed on erotica sites along with 49 shades, or whatever it was called.

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