Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"It is King's business, Harry..."

I've just printed out the first 50 pages of Matho's Story. Quite by chance, it covers the first three chapters, so my worries about length of first chapter were unfounded. The first line is:

"It is King's business, Harry. And dangerous." Sombre in plain dark velvet, Sir Thomas spoke quietly as he surveyed his son over steepled fingers.

The next step is to read the pages through as opposed to reading it on-screen. Some people advocate reading aloud at this stage, but I think I'd feel a fool doing that. Perhaps it is why so many authors have a shed in the garden to which they retreat - at least they're assured of complete privacy. I have to go to the Magic Trust tomorrow anyway, so it will probably be Friday or Saturday before I get to it.

Today was a miserable day weather-wise, so I got a good bit of work done. It's a long time since I walked a dog in the rain. We're making great strides - he goes well off-lead as well as on lead. and thanks to the Allendale Estates, we have this lovely place to walk. He also made a solo journey* in the mini - very important if he's ever going to France with us.

 (*When I say solo, I mean he sat on his own while I drove.)

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