Sunday, 14 October 2012

Australia October 2012

Since my last post I’ve travelled to Australia to visit family, and am now happily ensconced in a newly built beach house three and a half hours north of Sydney. Glorious! We arrived late on Friday night and woke up on Saturday morning to wonderful views of mountains and beaches.

The trip out was simple and fast. We flew Emirates Newcastle to Dubai in seven hours, had an hour and fifty minutes in Dubai airport which looks like a must-see for anyone with retail therapy in mind. I bought my favourite Guerlain perfume and enjoyed a cup of coffee before we scrambled onto the next leg of the flight – 13 hours to Sydney. We slept for a good six hours, and since we arrived, we’ve not yet suffered any jetlag, and don’t think we will now.

Saturday morning, with David and Helen as our guides, we walked south along Blackhead beach and sampled egg and bacon butties in a beach side cafĂ©, and fell into conversation with some locals. They picked up on our accent right away. You can say the simplest sentence, and the words are the same, but all the vowel sounds are different to ours. There’s a moment of hesitation on both sides while the ear attunes….

Next day we walked north along Diamond beach, with the distant headland as our target. Sad to say we gave up two thirds of the way, and ducked through the dunes to a holiday resort for a much needed cup of coffee. Came back exhausted, and waved goodbye to David and Helen, who have to go back to the big city and face work while we linger here enjoying ourselves.

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Jean Bull said...

Sounds fabulous. Have a great time, Jen!