Friday, 12 August 2011

Holidays - the aftermath

All holidays come to an end, and I am now back in damp, rainy, grey England. Once we fought our way through the mass of post behind the front door, exclaimed over the height of the lawns and that we'd missed the blooming of the buddleia and the Shasta daises, I rushed upstairs and grabbed a warm sweater. Even when it rained in France, and it did, for nearly three solid weeks, it was never really cold.
We're still in the middle of the de-heaval (it seems wrong to call it an upheaval when the holiday is over!) - masses of clothes waiting to be washed, empty cupboards and shelves to restock so we can eat every day, and getting rid of the ants that have decided to invade one corner of our utility room while we've been away. I even had to catch and gently put out of the window a small spider who had taken up residence in our bed. Obviously a spider with delusions of grandeur.
And then there's catching up with the e-stuff; 1,752 e-mails in my in-box even though I'd gone no mail on all but my crit groups. One group alone had 860 posts. Although I've not done much work while I've beeen away, I have done some, and stored it all on a usb. Now comes the dicey moment of transferring that stuff back to my main computer. In the past I've been known to keep the old stuff and delete the new, but hopefully I've gained more IT awareness since then!

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The Time Sculptor said...

Hi Jen, I like your de-heaval; I'm going to use that word now!
It's cold, grey and wet in Yorkshire... and yesterday I uttered that dreaded phrase 'the nights are drawing in'. Soon it will be nearly (insert 'C' word!) and we'll be rushing round buying presents and wrapping paper. Sorry if this has made your post-holiday blues turn dark navy!
Jane Gray