Monday, 27 December 2010

Eating and romance

Romance writers seem to have got into a trend of writing love scenes in terms of eating. I suppose if you like eating, then its no problem, but if sometimes the thought of eating another thing is more like a punishment, (the days after Christmas spring to mind!) then you could begin to wonder at the psychology of descriptive love making that uses the vocabulary of eating.
Heroes and heroines hunger for each other, taste, bite and devour each other....
Next time you read a love scene, take note!
The cold continues. We've no more than a dusting of snow now, but the river froze on Friday. Water ran in the dark patch, flowing as swiftly as ever. By Saturday, the dark patch had closed over.


Budd said...

using the wrong food metaphors could be pretty gross as well.

History and Women said...

I have two historical romance novels on my bedside table to read. Now I wont be able to "not" notice. And I'll think of you as I'm smiling and reading.

David Cranmer said...

That is interesting that so many food metaphors are used. I wonder how many other genres use similar approaches.

I'm in Maine and we were dumped on with snow this past weekend. Luckily my wife and I didn't have to travel anywhere.

(I enjoyed stopping by your blog.)

Jen Black said...

Let me know if you find the same approach - it could be universal!