Thursday, 29 July 2010

Is there hope?

Scouring the internet for news today, I saw this from Katie Price - and knew instantly where I was going wrong - here
Yes, the story is like her life, she says but its not true, though some bits are true. That’s what people like, people will all ways wonder which bits are true. The story covers a model who marries a thick footballer who cheats on her and she won’t leave him but won’t sleep with him….ring any bells? sounds very much like the story of a pop star and a footballer that's been in the headlines recently to me.

More this tells how Katie chooses the plots and Rebecca Farnworth writes them. The latest novel, her fifth, is due to hit the Times Best seller lists this weekend.

Here the low down on ghost writers from Tim Adams
in 2006. There are more of them about than I thought, and I should think they are very well paid. Random House seems to be the publisher for this sort of thing.

Lastly - Gabriel Josipovici, the former Weidenfeld professor of comparative literature at Oxford University, condemned the work of the giants of the modern English novel as hollow. a lot fo the big names come nder his eye, and they won't be pleased.
and just in case you are looking for a project in France, the castle pictured above is for sale.


Maggi Andersen said...

I wonder what Gabriel Josipovici would make of Katie Price? Would she talk him into reading the book do you think?

Jen Black said...

Ha! And how about we all wear swimming costumes when we advertise our books?

Victoria Dixon said...

You won't catch me in a swimsuit marketing my book. Nope. LOL. Mostly because you're unlikely to catch me in a swimsuit. Thanks for the tip on the castle. I'll just go check that out on Fun blog :)