Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Reviews come in twos

A friend on my critique group told me of another review for Till the Day Go Down in HNR Reviews Issue 52, May 2010.

Mary Seeley concludes "Jen Black writes with great verve and gives us a vivid sense of time and place, with a hero and heroine to cheer for and a grand cast of supporting characters, especially the loyal village lad Matho, Alina's childhood friend."

I cannot give you a link to read the whole thing, as the May issue is not online as yet, but I will.

I'm especially glad Ms Seeley liked Matho, as I've made him the protagonist of my current wip. He gets caught up in the politics of the Scottish court of Mary of Guise in Stirling and only just escapes with his life - he's a much wiser man at the end of his adventures. I'm half-way through a third edit, and soon it will be done, completed, finito, edited and finished. Then it will be on to the next project, which will probably coincide with my holiday in France this year. We missed our holiday last year, except for skiing in January (Yes, I know! 10,000 thousand feet, extreme cold, extreme exertion - it's a wonder I'm still here!) because of my surgery, so I'm really looking forward to it. And being away from my history books and without an internet connection, I can write happily without stopping to check facts.

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