Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Numskull anyone?

I often write quite fast (and at others I write very, very sl-o-w-l-y!) but sometimes I surprise myself with the words I use. In a story set in 1803 I used the word numbskull and when I read it back thought h'mmm, how accurate is that? Would they use that word then?

I checked it today and find that numskull was actually used in 1717 to indicate a silly, foolish person. So I am happy - a slight variation in the spelling, but it is OK. It can stay.
I received my first Royalty statement and cheque today. No great shakes as far as amounts go, but a real milestone in my personal writing history. I may just frame it and hang it on my wall!
Makes me want to keep going, carry on, do better. It would maybe help if I did a little promotion now that Quaestor2000 has its distribution problems ironed out. I must go and read Ginger's blog as her guests are talking about promotion. I can learn a lot from our American friends who take to it so naturally.
The flower is a buddleia, in case you wondered.


Glynis said...

That was interesting, numskull is a lovely word! I used the word copper for a policeman, and had to do a double check myself to see if it was right for the era.

Linda Banche said...

Congratulations on your royalty check.

I got my first royalty check, too. Again, not much. I had my husband scan it in, and that's what I'll keep.

I cashed the check. Any checks I get, I cash!