Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Writing makes you fat! Hurrah!

I always knew there had to be a reason why writing makes you fat - I just didn't have a scientific explanation for it! Sure, sitting down all the time and not moving much may have something to do with it, I won't deny that. But in November's Scientific American, Steve Mirsky talks about the research done with students who underwent tests and found that after using their brains, the students ate too much. The conclusion is that intellectual tasks and a sit-down work mode makes us fat. I knew it! You can read a very good resume on Tess Gerritsen's blog.

I've recently discovered Ms Gerritsen's books and romped through Vanish and Body Double.
The UK has been dumped upon these last ten days. Snow, ice and rain. But you know, here in the north-east, we've missed most of it. We had four inches or so the first day, but that vanished by the next morning and so far all I can say is that a couple of nights someone dusted our drive with icing sugar. The hills are capped with white, and it is cold, but we have sunshine and yesterday I took the picture of the new leaves because it looks like spring is here.
The rest of the country is either crippled with snow and ice, or deluged with the melted version.
How lucky can we be? and how long will our luck hold?

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