Monday, 24 November 2008

Back to work

This is taken from the car as we drove up the Buttertubs Pass. Some day I must find out why it has such a strange name, but for anyone looking for a spectacular drive through Yorkshire countryside - look no further than Muker to Hawes.

Today I am clearing the decks prior to starting work. Checked for e-mails, and joined a new Yahoo group just setting up - click here to find out more. Hopefully this one will not become a place where authors send in excerpts of their books but never stop to discuss books in general. I yearn for a good discussion group!

I've downloaded a couple of titles to my new Sony e-reader and spent time yesterday scanning e-publishers. I was surprised to find that publishers like Sourcebooks, Avon and others sell at almost the same price as a paperback. I expected them to be substantially lower, but perhaps I am not looking in the right place. I also need to find if there's a way of scanning an e-book for a particular chapter. I haven't found a way to do this yet.

As for my reading - I've just finished the last Harry Potter. I enjoyed it as much as all the others and applauded the author's imagination. Of course, it could have been shorter and tighter, and there was a mid-section where not a lot happened. I did not question how 3 growing teenagers could survive on mushrooms for what seemed like half a year. Highly improbable, I know, but at least the author did not take the easy way out and have them steal food to survive. I was pleased that Snape was vindicated in the end, and could see why Harry would annoy him so. Poor man! I'd better not say more in case someone still has the pleasure of reading it to come - and it was a pleasure for me.


Joanna Waugh said...


Thanks so much for the link to my new Yahoo group! I do encourage list members to discuss books they are reading, and to share interesting tidbits of historical information with the group. Mondays only are set aside for promotion. That's so we can devote the rest of the week to discussing what we all love most -- reading and writing historicals.

Linda Banche said...

More of your great pictures. I love them

I haven't read the last Harry Potter book, so please, no more info. I am glad Snape was vindicated, because I always thought the author wouldn't keep a character around so long if he was totally rotten. Sometimes Harry drove me crazy. I realize he's just a kid, but he could be so holier-than-thou I wanted to give him a good kick.

Jen Black said...

Oh, poor Harry! But heroes have to be seen to be good, don't they? And Harry is absolutely a hero. I promise I won't say more about the story - honest!