Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Frogspawn, lean-tos and North Shields

How things change and grow! Just look at those little tails forming! The sun wasn't shining when I took the pic, so perhaps I'll get a better one tomorrow.

As well as having a study all to myself I now have a lean-to greenhouse tucked against the side of the house. It catches the sun most of the day and though it was hell to put up (they said erection was a two man job*, but hey - you needed as many hands as an octopus!) now it is up and correctly anchored it is an amazing little room for all things gardening. I might become a "shedder" and take the box of red wine and a book with me, though I'm not sure true shedders would have me. Tomorrow I'm going to plant seed for coriander, basil and lettuce. Tomato plants on Friday. Whey-hey!

*No sniggers, please. I can't be bothered to think up another way of saying it.

My wonderful critique partners have given me some great advice on my wip, so I have a good day's work tomorrow to sort things out. I do so want to get a partial off by Saturday, but I suppose - sigh - it is better to take an extra week and get it right. Might pay off in the end.

This is me down at the ferry landing stage at North Shields. Remember you can click on the pic to see a larger version.
The background is interesting, if not yours truly.

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