Monday, 7 April 2008

Frogspawn and seagulls

Life is hard if you are a seagull - it's smash and grab time whenever there's food on the go. This picture was taken on our little trip down to North Shields on the 31st March.
The picture below is from our own little garden pond - its actually in an old stone sink! - frogspawn! Some enterprising frog has decided it is just the perfect place for a brood so every day we sneak out a take a peek.

We first noticed it around the end of March. The blob was neat and clean, looked very new, somehow. Now it looks different. Looser, the jelly is no longer clear and some of the little black blobs have tails. I'll take another pic tomorrow just for contrast. Heaven knows how many will survive to froghood -but it probably spells doom for any slugs in our garden!

As for my writing, I now have a real grip of my female character and it is all coming much easier. I had advice from Michelle on writing the right kind of synopsis for M&B and can now see where I was going wrong. Isn't it strange how you can know something is wrong and though you wrestle and kick it as much as you like you just can't see how to get it right? Then someone with nice clear thought processes comes along and says - do this, do that - and it all comes clear. A lightbulb moment! Thank you Michelle!

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